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About Linkways

Linkways is a professional Optical Inspection Solution Provider which has rapidly gain a strong reputation within major electronic foundries, both domestically and overseas.  

We specializes in the field of high-end product manufacturing, providing customers with powerful optical inspection solutions in the fields of server, automotive electronics, medical equipment and communication electronics manufacturing.

Professional Services and Capabilities

With our professional service capabilities and the trusts of our customers, for the past three years, Linkways has successfully introduced series of new product lines, with one-step closer to our goals of “Total Solution”.Our current offering include Printer, SPI, pre-reflow AOI, pre-Reflow AOI, Profile Intelligent System, and 2D & 3D Optics Testing Equipment (Post-Reflow AOI), Dispenser and Pump, SMT Adhesive (Adhesive, Under-Fill), Curing Oven,  Conformal Coating Equipment, Selective Flux Jetting, 3D Online X-ray Inspection Equipment (AXI), 2.5D Offline X-ray Analysis Equipment (2.5D X-ray), Pipeline & Unloader, Factory Automation, etc.

R&D Capabilities

In addition to the electronics foundry industry, Linkways is currently actively Research & Developing products in the Automation, Camera Modules, and Semiconductors industry. We hope through our diverse experience, we are able to provide customers with a more valuable and more comprehensive solutions.  

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