ViTrox has introduced the G2 Series of its V510i Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI) soluton.

The V510i G2 Series offers powerful technologies and high throughput productivity for SMT production line.

•Flexible Universal Fiducial


•AOI Barcode GUI

•Optical Color Inspection (OCI)

•Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

•Color Pattern Matching (CPM)

Board Dimensions

V510i G2

Maximum board size (Single Lane)

510 mm by 510 mm (20 inch by 20 inch)

Minimum board size

50 mm by 50 mm (2 inch by 2 inch)

Maximum board thickness

4mm (0.16 inch)

Minimum board thickness

0.5 mm (0.02 inch)

Board weight

Up to 3 kg (6.6 lb)

Maximum inspected area

503 mm by 510 mm (19.8 inch by 20 inch)


Top side of board

41 mm (1.61 inch)

Bottom side of board

50 mm (1.97 inch)

Minimum edge clearance

3.5 mm (0.14 inch)

Conveyor height range

870 mm to 965 mm (34 inch to 37.9 inch)

System Dimensions


W: 1000 mm (3.3 ft) x D: 1254 mm (4.1 ft) x H: 2010 mm (6.6 ft)


~ 750 kgs


Post-reflow Inspection

Coverage: Missing, offset, skewed, polarity, billboard, tombstone, lifted/bent leads, excess/insufficient solder, bridging, wrong part, and traceability

Pre-reflow Inspection

Coverage: Missing, offset, skewed, polarity, billboard, wrong part inspection, extra part inspection, and traceability connector, OCV for tall component

Inspection Speed

Post reflow: 8.5 in^2/sec (55.0 cm^2/sec)
Pre-reflow: 10.0 in^2/sec (65.0 cm^2/sec)

Board level and component level traceability

External barcode reader configured; Camera-read barcodes; OCR capability with batch code logging

Hardware Systems

Camera System

4 mega pixel digital camera; 19 um per pixel resolution; (scalable from 21 to 8 um for 01005 inspection)

Field of view: 38.5 mm x 38.5 mm

Lighting System

Multiple color, multiple angle, multiple segment LED lighting head, auto calibration


Field Upgradeable

- Motorized Z Height
- Telecentric Lens 11/20um per pixel
- Conformal Coating Lighting

Non-Field Upgradeable

Flexi Dual Lane (Max. equally width: 235 mm by 510 mm), Lane 1 (Minimum: 50 mm, Maximum: 420 mm), Lane 2 ( Minimum: 50 mm, Maximum: 420 mm)

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