Linkways CC-AOI





Machine Spec

Linkways CC-10 Series

Linkways CC-20 Series

Vision   System

Resolution:   600/1200 dpi, 42μm/21μm, CCD-line sensor, Color depth 3 x 12 bit

Lighting   source: multi-LED-illumination

UV LED   Cluster 365nm focused

Blue-red-white   LED cluster with different illumination angles

Adjustable   illumination profiles

Telecentric   lens system for the parallax free image

Rectified   image because of orthogonal calibration

Conformal   coating thickness calibration


Intel I5 3.3   GHz, 16 GB RAM, DVD-writer;

Network   interface 2 x 1Gb / s, I/O module, 2 x 3TB hard disk, 1 x SSD hard disk,

Windows7 professional   64Bit, keyboard, mouse, mini keyboard, 19‘‘ HD TFT-monitor

Panel Size   (including fixture)

Maximum:   510mm(W)x 700mm(L)

Maximum:   540mm(W)x 800mm(L)

Maximum   Inspectable Size

Inspection   Area:

300mm x   400mm/Scan

Up to 2   times scan/panel, total inspection size (W*L) will be 300mm*770mm or   400mm*570mm

Inspection Area:  

420mmx   530mm/Scan

Up to 2   times scan/panel, total inspection size (W*L) will be 420mm*1020mm or   530mm*800mm

Panel Weight

Pin Chain:   15kg

Timing Belt:   7kg

Pin Chain:   15kg

Timing Belt:   7kg


Edge   Clearance:  Pin Chain: 5mm; Conveyor   Timing Belt: 3.5mm~10mm

Top&Bot   Clearance: Top Clearance: 50mm(max 60mm ); Bot Clearance: 70mm

Transportation   Conveyor

Height:   880mm~1000mm

Connection   method: SMEMA


560 kg

600 kg

Test Speed   all sides

PCB area 300   mm x 400 mm, independent of the number of inspection parts: 25 seconds (   incl. calculation time )

PCB area 420   mm x 530 mm, independent of the number of inspection parts: 25 seconds (   incl. calculation time )

Transport   System and inline Integration

Standard   alone/Inline system with timing belt/pin chain

Option with   or without back conveyor

Various   options and customized solutions can be realized

Dimensions   (W*D*H)

1000 mm x   1320 mm x 1456 mm

1200 mm x   1320 mm x 1456 mm

 Power and Environment Requirement

220 V / 50   Hz P1 or 110V / 60 Hz, Power consumption of scanner 750 W

Temperature:   5°C - 35° C ,Humidity:   10 % - 80 %, non-condensing

Defect   Coverage

Lack of   coverage, Keep out zone violations, Overspray, Splash, Bubbles, Foam, Orange   Peel, Wrinkles, De-wetting, Cracks and Scrapes, Delamination, High components   CC test, DMC reading

Coating   landscape thickness measurement

Software   Features

Long term   data storage

Traceability-all test data and images saved

Whole board image saving


Ease of programming

Single/Double Side Inspection

- 单面或双面检测


Ease of Maintenance

- 维护简便


Secondary conveyor for fixture return

- 底部载具回流通道


Global Technology Award

- 全球技术奖项


Easy programming

- 编程简单


Customizable machine structure

- 可客制化的硬件结构


Whole coating area thickness measurement

- 整板厚度检测