Keysight i7090

The Keysight i7090 Board Test System is the most efficient and most flexible series of board test systems available on the market today.

Designed to handle a massively parallel test strategies, technologies, PCBs, and budgets, the Keysight i7090 offers a specific test system to fit your exact requirements. The systems can be expanded in both hardware and software capabilities to meet your future growth needs.

Keysight i7090板测试系统是目前市场上最高效和最灵活的板测试系统系列。设计来处理大规模并行测试策略,技术,PCBs,和预算,Keysight i7090提供了一个特定的测试系统,以满足您的确切要求。该系统可以在硬件和软件能力上扩展,以满足您未来的增长需求。

Item i7090 Massively   Parallel Board Test System
Max.Test   points: 2560
Resistance   measurements: 1 Ω to 10 MΩ
Capacitance   measurements: 10 pF to 150 μF
Inductance   measurements: 20 μH to 100 H
Diodes,   Transistors Diodes:   0 to 2.5V, supplies a source with 100 ohm resistor
    in serial on the diode Transistors: Junction ON/OFF test
Depletion and   Enhancement mode FETs Main   Source: 0 - ± 2.4 V in serial Resistor 100 ohm applied on Drain-Source
    Auxiliary source: 0 - ± 7.2 V applied on Gate-Source
    Measure the Drain-Source voltage to verify the switch function
Nano VTEP Programmable Hi/Low   Threshold:1 fF - 1000 pF
Photocouple   Test Function 0~11V
Polarity   Check Up to 4,000 µF
Open Circuit 2 - 1000 Ω, ± (0.25%   + 2.2 Ω)
Short Circuit 2 - 1000 Ω, ± (0.25%   + 2.2 Ω)
Reversely   mount Capacitor detection Support by Nano VTEP
Reversely   mount IC detection Support by Nano VTEP
Ics and   Connectors test Nano VTEP technology
Controller   PC: Windows 10 64-bit
Max.UUT   dimension: 430mm * 460mm
Min.Uut   dimension: 50mm * 50mm
Fixture type: Long-wire
Industry 4.0   ready: Yes
SMEMA   compliant: Yes
Secondary   conveyor: Yes (bypass) –   optional
Dual Board   stopper: Yes – optional
PCB   thickness: 3mm
PCB   Weight(max): 3Kg
PCB edge   support(min): 3mm
Fixture   actuation: Press down
Transport   method and direction: Belt transfer, L to   R, R to L, L to L, R to R (Configurable)
Transport   speed: 500mm/sec
Transport   height: 940 to 965mm
Bottom fixute   height: 90mm
Press force: 5KN
Air pressure: 72.5 to 145psi
Optional   System Accessories: •   Laser bar code reader
• Programmable DUT power supply
• High-current and high-voltage power supplies
• Polarity Check Technology
• In-System Programming
      - Flash ISP
      - Microcontrollers
      -PLD ISP
    • Pin Verification Fixture


In-Line Test System


Max node count:2560


Max Parallel Cores count:20


Max no of programming channels:160






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